Alphabet Royal, new card game.

Card games are believed to have originated in China 1000AD then slowly spread to Europe in the 14th century and from there they spread all over the world to the point that today they are in almost every household and for a good reason, people love to have fun, spend some quality time with family and friends and card games do a great job at that. Card games are part of our culture now. I have great memories of playing with my friends. We played poker almost every week for ten years and it was so much fun, but eventually the game slowed down to the point where we just stopped playing. I think we just got bored of playing the same game over and over again for so long. We tried other card games but we could never find another game we all loved. The reason we loved poker so much was because we could bet and bluff and we could not find other card games that had that element to the game. Also having a stack of chips in front of you is a great feeling especially when you are chip leader. So all this got me thinking, could I create a card game that resembled poker but that was completely different, so I thought about this a lot for almost two years and eventually gave up. I couldn't come up with that great idea. One year passed and out of nowhere boom I get this incredible idea while driving, I couldn't believe what I had just dreamt up, it was perfect. I hurried back home bought all the supplies needed to create a prototype, I was so excited, I knew that this game would be amazing and sure enough it was. I tested the crap out of it, from young kids to teenagers to retieres and everyone loved it. Alphabet Royal is the perfect card game, it has it all, It's easy to learn, challenging and so much fun! It also has what poker has, the bluffing and betting. You can also play without chips. Alphabet Royal is also educational, it helps kids and everyone else for that matter to improve spelling and build a stronger vocabulary. It's also great for older folks to keep their minds sharp. This game is a must have in any home game collection and as card games started spreading 1000AD in China Alphabet Royal will make sure this trend continues. Oh and yes, me and my friends started playing cards again :)