About The Game

I always wanted to create family games, but I had never had that apple-falling-on-your-head moment. As a long-haul driver, you have lots of time to think. While I was driving my truck through the States, I had one of those ideas, fully formed, pop into my head.

When I got home from my drive, I bought all the supplies I needed and started building a prototype for Alphabet Royal. I hired developers to help with the design, and we worked back and forth for six months testing the game. We played over and over and over, iterating different versions, trying different ideas.

The core concept of our card game had been there since my apple-on-my-head moment on that drive. The testing was focused on tweaking and balancing and making sure that this game was as strong and as fun as I already knew it would be. It was hard work, driving for a living, and then getting home between jobs and developing my card game, but as I played with friends and family —  and even with strangers — I could tell the interest was there. People kept asking me if they could have a copy or when they could buy it because they loved it so much. That made me proud then, and it makes me proud now.

We’re now in the production phase of Alphabet Royal! I guarantee that you'll have fun with this game. Even with the betting, the bluffing, and the word-building, it's a quick game to learn. Everyone can play and enjoy Alphabet Royal, no matter your age, gender, or whether you're a veteran or casual player. All I wanted to make was a card game that anyone could play with friends, family, and new folks along the way!

I was excited to see how strong it was as a couples game, as it can often be a challenge to find a great new two-player card game. As we tested it, I saw parents using the game to help build their children's vocabulary and spelling skills, so we've included a simplified set of rules in the game for younger players.

I love Alphabet Royal. I'm extremely proud of what we've made, and I'm excited for you to play it. I know you'll have a great time, and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to share my game with you!

- The Alphabet Royal Card Game Team 

Alphabet Royal card game
Although you can play Alphabet Royal with chips we strongly discourage playing this game using real money.
This game was designed to be played with PLAY MONEY ONLY!