Download A Free Sample Of Our Card Game

Have you been looking for the perfect card game to add to your collection for family game night? How about a fun, quick-to-learn game to play with your friends? Look no further — Alphabet Royal from Texas Game Studio is the perfect card game for all ages!

We know finding a card game that suits the interest of all ages can be difficult. We’re also confident that Alphabet Royal does just that. That’s why we’re offering a free downloadable sample of our card game so you can try before you buy. Sign up with your email so you, your family, and your friends can begin playing the best new card game.

What is Alphabet Royal?

Think of a hybrid between Scrabble and Texas hold ‘em — that’s what we created at Texas Game Studio. You get the thrill of winning a hand like you would in poker while testing your mind to think of creative words in order to score the most points. Here’s how it works:

  • Setup — Playing with anywhere from 2-9 players, select a dealer to shuffle the Alphabet Royal cards and deal five cards to every player.
  • Play — Similar to Texas hold ‘em, every player begins by putting one chip into the central pile for that round. Then, players can choose to bid, check, raise, fold, or call based on their hand of cards. After making their decision, the top five cards of the deck are flipped and laid as the community cards. Each card has a letter of the alphabet and point value. The goal is to use the cards in your hand and those in the community pile to spell the word that gives the most points.
  • Scoring — After two rounds of bidding, players reveal the word they created with their hand and the community cards. The highest point total wins all the chips in the pot for that round!
    • Example — If someone spelled the word ‘car’ using C (4 points), A (1 point), and R (2 points), then their total for the round is 7 points.

    There are three different variants of the game to match the age level and experience of all players, meaning the same cards can be used as a competitive card game for adults or an instructional spelling game for kids.

    Experience the fun with a free downloadable sample, then buy the full version of the game to take anywhere!